Honeyguide K9 Unit

Honeyguide is a grass roots, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Tanzania dedicated to supporting communities and the conservation of wildlife and natural resources through long-term community partnerships.

To fulfill the overall goal of wildlife conservation in northern Tanzania, the use of tracking and detection dogs have been a fundamental part of the Honeyguide’s strategy.

Humans have a mere 5 million receptors in their nose, captured by the olfactory area, which is about 4 square centimeters, dogs have vastly more than that number, with over 200 million receptors spread over an area of 170 square centimeters.

This program started in October 2011 in Enduimet Wildlife Management Area then expanded to Tarangire-Manyara and Serengeti in 2014. The unit has become an essential measure of the anti-poaching effort in northern Tanzania, leading to arrests nearly every month. The accomplishment of the dog unit has secured massive paybacks in stopping poaching as well as protecting communities and their properties over the last 9 years of operation now. This successful initiative has resulted in arrests of major poachers and confiscation of ivory, bush meat, weapons and other illicit items.

WildLife Canada Society is proud to support the Honeyguide K9 team and its innovative approach to stopping the poaching of animals and to protecting communities.

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